In August WizKids will release Gears of War HeroClix, a new series of 10 HeroClix figures based on the popular third person shooter video game created by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios.  The Gears of War HeroClix release will come in plenty of time for the September debut of the new Gears of War 3 video game, which introduces three new playable female characters, several new Locust enemies, and a number of new weapons to the game.
The first WizKids Gears of War HeroClix release includes ten different figures, five unique sculpts of characters from Gears of War 3 Delta Squad, and five unique sculpts of their most sinister Locust enemies.  The Gears of war HeroClix Figures are fully compatible with all other HeroClix figures, and are available in a 24-count, gravity-feed counter display.  The individual figures have an MSRP of $2.99, which makes them a great impulse buy.
The Gears of War video game focuses on the soldiers of Delta Squad, who are charged with defending the inhabitants of the planet Sera from the relentless Locust hordes.  The original Gears of War game sold over five million copies and was the second most played game over Xbox Live in 2007.  Gears of War has spawned an on-going comic book series from Wildstorm (now DC) that takes place during the interim between the first and second Gears of War video games.
Preorders on the Gears of War HeroClix 24-count gravity-feed countertop display boxes (2 per case) are due on June 6th, 2011.
For a close-up preview of the new Gears of War Heroclix figures check out “Preview: 'Gears of War HeroClix'.”