Surge Entertainment has announced the first wave of licensing for Axe Cop, the Webcomic created by 29-year-old artist Ethan Nicolle and his 5-year-old brother Malachai, and it includes an Axe Cop Expansion for Steve Jackson’s popular Munchkin card game. Munchkin Axe Cop, which is due out this fall from Steve Jackson Games, will feature cards with art provided by Ethan who illustrates the popular Webcomic that is written by his little brother, and which has been collected into a popular graphic novel anthology published Dark Horse Comics in January.
Dark Horse Collection
Dark Horse is also creating Axe Cop T-Shirts for an exclusive t-shirt program for Hot Topic, while Rubies Costumes will produce Axe Cop Halloween Costumes that will be available this fall. 
Other Axe Cop licensees include, which will become a strategic partner for Webcomic distribution, and StickerYou for online custom stickers.