Iron Man and Wolverine, two of the four Marvel-based anime series produced by Madhouse will debut on the G4 cable and satellite network on Friday, July 29th at 11pm (ET, PT) and will air in that Friday time slot for twelve consecutive weeks.  The 12-episode series were announced back in 2008 (see “Wolverine, Iron Man Anime”).  The familiar Marvel characters have been “localized” to make them more interesting for Japanese audiences.  The two series have already been shown in Japan starting with the Iron Man Anime in late 2010, which was followed by the Wolverine Anime in early 2011.  In the U.S., the Iron Man series will air at 11:00pm (ET, PT) followed by Wolverine at 11:30pm.
Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes) will voice role of Wolverine in the English version of the series, while Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Castle) will lend his vocal talents to the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Iron Man series that was written by Warren Ellis (see “Marvel Anime Voices”).
G4 will premiere the other two Madhouse-produced Marvel Anime series, Marvel Anime: X-Men, and Marvel Anime-Blade later this year.