Ilan Strasser of Fat Moose Comics in Whippany, New Jersey noted Timothy Davis' plea for comics for young children (see 'Timothy Davis of Alternate Reality on Comics for Kids') and had this to say:


Huge, heartfelt kudos to Timothy Davis of Alternate Comics.  He has nailed on the head one of the primary issues that affect our industry.  While Marvel continues to promote one short-term idea after another, it is retailers who routinely come up with well thought-out, long term, visionary plans for the health, success, and resurrection of the comics industry.  It is easy to see that Tim is an old-school guy, having been in business since 1978.  When will Marvel finally see that they can truly keep their shareholders happy with years of balanced, steady profits instead of up and down spikes?  Movies and licensing are great, but they are no panacea for the day to day world of comics publishing and retailing.

Tim is one smart guy -- he'll be one of the last retailers standing if we ever get to our own comics armageddon -- I hope I'm right there with him!!!!!!