It’s a sign of the times that a lot of the comic news at Comic-Con was about digital initiatives, and this year, there were some major new IPs coming to digital. We’re rounding up the news here—let us know what we missed!
Star Wars in Dark Horse Digital
Star Wars, one of the crown jewels of comics intellectual property, took the first steps toward digital availability at Comic-Con, announced at the Dark Horse Star Wars Comics 20th Anniversary panel.  About 50 comics were available at launch, with additional new and backlist titles to be added weekly. 
The new manga site from Japan’s Digital Comic Association will launch on August 17th, according to an announcement made at the show.  There are now 39 manga publishers associated with the association, up from 37 last fall (see “Web Manga Portal Imminent”).  All major publishers except Square Enix are involved in this effort.  It’s beginning on the Web, where a Flash-based site at using progressive downloading will display comics for purchasers. 
Titles mentioned included Naruto, Kekkaishi, Crayon Shinchan, Devil King, Cigarette Kisses, Dragon Girl, Tujiurauri, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Young-kun, Adekan, and Manga Science
The Association is partnering with Crunchyroll for help with system development and for a retail point.  
Device applications offering downloads are also planned. “We’re working on it to bring it out to the market as soon as possible,” JManga executive Masaaki Shimizu told ICv2.  Existing agreements with the Japanese publishers for the Web need to be expanded to cover devices, and system development work needs to be done.  
Viz Launches Website
Viz Media announced the launch of, which gives Viz digital customers the ability to view and purchase content on the Web.  Content purchased on any Viz platform (Web or iOS device) will be available to read on all other platforms. 
Yen Goes Small
Yen Press, which launched an iPad-only app earlier this year (see “Yen Launches iPad App”), announced that it’s expanded its app to include the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It’s promoting the launch with a promo comic and three free chapters of the highly anticipated Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer, by Cecily von Ziegesar.   
Ape Tries for a Repeat
Ape Entertainment announced a deal with ZeptoLab to produce a digital comics series based on Cut the Rope’s Om Nom character, a cute, ravenous monster.  Cut the Rope is one of the top selling iPhone, iPod touch and iPad game apps of all time.  Ape had a huge success with Pocket God, another comic based on a game app (see “Pocket God Comic Launches Strong”).  Pocket God was released to print after its digital release. 
Before the Show
Before the show, DC and comiXology announced the launch of DC’s Android app (see “DC and comiXology Launch Android App”) .  
Diamond announced details of its program, which will launch in September (see “Diamond Digital to Launch in September”). 
And Jeff Smith’s Bone and Rasl got their own Apps (see “Bone and RASL Get their Own Apps”).
After the Show
Image relaunched its Website after the show, with a section devoted to digital comics available for sale.  ComiXology handled the development of the site, which also included sections for retailers, and for librarians and educators. 
Disney and Square Enix Promote Earlier Launches
There were also a couple of apps there that we didn’t report on release, so we’re catching up now. Disney launched a new Disney Comics app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in June, with over 50 comics, including Disney classics, Disney-Pixar stories, Disney Channel content such as High School Musical, and feature film comics.  Two titles per week are being added. 
Square Enix was there promoting its manga Web store, launched late last year, which offers titles including Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Black Butler, PandoraHearts, and Nabari No Ou.