Here’s another sign that digital comics are here to stay.  ComiXology has announced that Chip Mosher, who until recently was the marketing director for BOOM! Studios, has join the digital comics distributor as Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Development. Mosher will head up comiXology’s new Los Angeles office.
ComiXology’s CEO David Steinberger commented, “Chip has one of the most imaginative and aggressive marketing and PR minds in the business, and his diverse background in comics brings a unique perspective to comiXology.  And while comiXology’s presence is already felt worldwide, having a physical presence in the entertainment capital of the world has become a must for us!”
At BOOM! Studios Mosher masterminded the “Mark Waid is Evil” viral campaign, which helped launch Waid’s Irredeemable series and he also oversaw BOOM!’s digital initiative, including the launch of BOOM!’s iPad application in association with comiXology.