Books-a-Million, which operates 211 stores in 23 states, has decided to pull the 100 top selling DC Comics graphic novels off of it shelves to protest DC’s deal with Amazon that gives Amazon’s new Kindle Fire a four-month exclusive on a number of digital versions of DC graphic novels including perennial bestseller Watchmen.  Books-a-Million’s action parallels the move made by the nation’s largest bookselling chain, Barnes & Noble, which decided to pull the DC graphic novels from the shelves of its 705 stores last Friday (see “B&N to DC—It’s On!”).
In a press release issued by Books-a-Million CEO Terrance Finley stated that he could not countenance supporting a publisher that “limits distribution of their content…  We will not promote titles in our stores’ showrooms if publishers choose to pursue these exclusive agreements that create an uneven playing field in the marketplace.”