WizKids has released more images of and details about its Galactic Guardians HeroClix release, which is currently slated for early April 2012 (see "Galactic Guardians HeroClix").  This expansion for the Marvel HeroClix game includes over 40 new figures that will be available in four different booster formats: standard five-figure boosters, as well as in a ten-figure single booster release, a six-figure Fast Forces Pack, and new Super Boosters, which each contain one of six new colossal figures.

Master Mold
The scale of the colossal figures is quite remarkable.  Figures of the size of Galactus and Master Mold have traditionally been reserved for Con giveaways and special promotions—now for the first time WizKids is putting these massive figures in easy-to-acquire Super Booster packs that will available from all retailers who carry the HeroClix product line. 

Note how the massive size of the Super Booster figures when seen in conjunction with a typical HeroClix figure as in the accompanying illustration.