WizKids is launching the HeroClix Supremacy League, a casual play league outside of its standard organized play program (which this year is “Infinity Gauntlet,” see “WizKids Plans Infinity Gauntlet”).  The centerpiece of the League is the Supremacy League leaderboard, manufactured by Gale Force Nine. 
A WizKids spokesperson explained how the leaderboard is used.  “Players on the outer rings of the Supremacy League leaderboard earn “Fight” tokens which they use to challenge a player on the next innermost ring,” he said.  “If the challenging player succeeds, they exchange places with their defeated opponent. If the defending player succeeds, they earn the ‘Fight’ token from the challenging player and can then challenge another player themselves!” 

To win, a player must fight his/her way to the center of the leaderboard and then defend the position and win three more fight tokens.  And once that process is complete, a winner is declared and a new Supremacy League can begin.
WizKids is providing prize support in the form of its 2011 convention figures: three Horsemen of the Apocalypse (War, Famine, and Pestilence), Moonstone/Ms. Marvel (from Dark Avengers), and the JMS-inspired Wonder Woman.  Suggested league structure is provided with the leaderboard, but individual will determine prize and play policies in their stores.