Guillermo del Toro is now attached to direct a feature film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast written by Andrew Davies (Bridget Jones Diary) starring Emma Watson (Harry Potter).  The movie is set up at Warner Bros., and it should be noted that there are already two competing Beauty and the Beast TV series based on the public domain fairy tale property currently in development (see “Battling “Beauty and the Beasts’”).
Of course the fact that Del Toro is currently attached to the project doesn’t mean that it will be made or if it is that he will end up directing it.  The list of projects that the protean director has been involved with is lengthy and includes high profile films like The Hobbit. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Del Toro is currently spread pretty thin.  He is currently filming Pacific Rim, and is attached to direct a Trollhunters animated movie for Dreamworks, a Haunted Mansion movie for Disney plus Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for Universal.