Seven Seas Entertainment has announced the acquisition of rights to two new manga series, which will debut late this year.  Haganai: I Have No Friends, by Yomi Hirasaka and Itachi, was the basis of an anime series that was streamed in the U.S. last fall (see “FUNimation Partners with NicoNico for Anime Streaming”), and will be released on home video.  It tells the story of two high school outcasts (one because he’s blonde) who form “The Neighbor’s Club” to make friends.  The first volume will ship in November, with Volume 2 in February 2013 and subsequent volumes to follow.

Mayo Chiki!
Mayo Chiki!, by Hajimi Asano and Niito, was adapted into an anime that aired on TV in Japan last summer.  The fan-service-filled storyline features a 17-year-old boy who fears women and discovers that a fellow student is actually a girl.  Volume 1 will ship in December, Volume 2 in March 2013, and so on.