Advertisement.  ComiXology has improved its Digital Storefronts, the place where comic fans can buy digital comics from their participating local comic shop.  Digital Storefronts are now available on any device with a browser, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers. 

And users of Digital Storefronts can now subscribe to any series.  So for fans that want to buy digital comics, they can now support their local comic store each month with a single purchase of a subscription through the Digital Storefront. 

Here's the lowdown on Digital Storefronts, powered by comiXology.

If you’re a fan
You can buy digital comics and support your local comic store at the same time.  Just buy your comics from the Digital Storefront button on your comic store's Website, and read them there or on the Comics by comiXology platform anywhere: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, or Web.
Here's a list of participating comic stores that you can support while you buy digital comics:
If your comic store is not participating, let your store manager or owner know that you'd buy digital comics from their Digital Storefront—info on how to sign up is below.
If you're a comic store with a comiXology log-in
Lots of comic stores already have comiXology log-ins, either because they've signed up for a Digital Storefront in the past or because they use Cover Gallery or Online Pull List, manage their entry in the comiXology store locator, or have a Comic Shop Website.
If you've already got a comiXology log-in and password, just log in here:

And go to the Digital Storefront tab along the top navigation bar.  You'll see instructions there on how to set up your Digital Storefront.  It's easy and it's free!
If you're a retailer and you've got a question, contact us at
If you're a comic store that needs a comiXology log-in
It's easy for comic stores to get a comiXology log-in.  Just fill out the info on this page:

And check "Contact me about the Digital Storefront;" identify whether you have brick and mortar stores, an online store, or both; and we'll set you up!
This program is open to comic stores anywhere in the world that buy comics from Diamond Comic Distributors. 
If you're a retailer and you've got a question, contact us at: