The Topps Company has released a partial list of the artists who are providing “Sketch Cards” for its Mars Attacks Heritage Trading Cards release, which is slated to ship to retail in July (see "'Mars Attacks Heritage' Card Set").  Topps is including the first ever Mars Attacks “Sketch Cards” featuring interpretations of the classic Mars Attacks mythos by a wide range of artists with different backgrounds including comic book artists, science fiction illustrators, independent artists, and some who specialize in horror subjects.  Topps is guaranteeing one “Sketch Card” in every box of Mars Attacks Heritage cards sent to the hobby market.
Art By Lee Bradley
Here is a partial list of the artists involved: Jason Atomic, Lee Bradley, Kate Bradley, Dan Brereton, Jacob Chabot, Ted Dastick, Jr., Layron Dejarnette, Pablo Diaz, Colleen Doran, Jason Durdan, Kimberly Dunaway, Andrew Elder, Randy Elliot, Brent Engstrom, Agnes Garbowska, Jason Goad, Jessica Hickman, Brian Kong, Charles Hall, Cory Hamscher, Diego Jourdan, Gary Kezele, Matthew Kirscht, Sara Martin, Chris Mason, Chad McCown, Brian Miller, Rich Molinelli, Nik Nucleous, Sara Pence, Don Perlin, Mike Pingatore, Ashleigh Popplewell, Tim Proctor, Ed Repka, Jeremy Scott, Joe Simko, Jamie Snell, Russ Walks, and Jeff Zapata.
Art By Layron Dejarnette
Topps’ Mars Attacks Heritage Trading Cards are the centerpiece in the 50th Anniversary Mars Attack celebration that also includes a new Mars Attacks comic book series from IDW Publishing.  The Mars Attacks Heritage Trading Cards set contains all 55 of the original Mars Attacks designs, plus 25 new cards, ten of which are based on sketches for cards by the original Mars Attacks artists that were never used in the original set, plus 15 new card designs created by John McCrea, who is drawing the new IDW Mars Attacks comics.  In addition to the “Sketch Cards” described above, chase card inserts include limited edition multi-colored parallels and 3-D lenticular cards.
Topps “Heritage” treatment means that the cards will be printed on thick, old fashioned card stock, and packaged in wrappers and display boxes that mimic the look of the original 1962 Mars Attacks cards.