Crytpozoic Entertainment, which has already published trading cards based on AMC hugely popular The Walking Dead TV series, will release another set of cards based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book and graphic novel series this summer.  The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards will feature the expressive comic art from the Image Comics series, which in April and March has totally dominated graphic novel sales charts in both the bookstore and comic shop markets (see "Comic Sales Back on Track in April" and "The Walking Dead Dominates Bookstore Sales Again").
Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards will include randomly-inserted sketch cards from TWD artists as premium chase cards.  The Walking Dead has two licensing streams, one from the original comics and one from the AMC TV series.  For example, Crytpozioic has released a board game (as well as trading cards) based on the AMC TV adaptation of The Walking Dead (see "Cryptozoic's 'The Walking Dead' Board Game"), while Z-Man Games has released another The Walking Dead board game, which is based on the comic book series (see "'The Walking Dead: The Board Game'").