Ed West, an editor in the book publishing field, from Garden City, Michigan read Joe Crocker's comments on what's right and wrong with comics (see "Jim Crocker of Modern Myths on Why 'People' Don't Read Comics") and had this to say.
Had Mr. Crocker focused on a single issue, he may have had something worthwhile to say.  Instead, he stooped to the "we don't need people like them" irrationality, followed by "the world would be a much better place without them" idea.
My point is, DC and Marvel and everyone else in the comic book business, should find out why people don't read comics, or if they did, why they stopped.  Otherwise, I would encourage ICv2 to quit publishing faulty rants based on one's person's worldview.  If comic book companies want to make money then honest answers are required.  And if some of those answers fall into territory that is against the companies' personal ideologies, then they need to make a decision.  Keep pushing their ideologies regardless of any complaints received, which may affect their future viability as businesses, or produce what the markets want.  A look at the monthly Top 300 should tell everyone something is wrong and it has nothing to do with being undercapitalized.  Lack of exposure is the lamest excuse when you have a global internet to work with.
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