The story of Comic-Con 2012 in pictures begins with preview night, a look at some of the promotions outside the convention, and the first full day Thursday.  See also Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4.

Maybe Storm was why there was unseasonable rain in San Diego for Comic-Con this year.

This helmet wearing trio pulled up on fast bikes.

The "key" is the hair.

Bane, ready for the opening of The Dark Knight Rises (see "'TDKR' Doctor’s Order Clip").

This cute pair of con-goers seemed happy to be there.

Moebius is red hot right now, as evidenced by the $800 price tag on this collection.

More bandes dessineees at Stuart NG Books.

American (Moltar) and Japanese (Gurren Lagann) costumes, touring the Con together.

A cool figure at the Yuki 7 booth.

Heavily armed and ready for action.

Nice 'do on this dude.

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