Comic-Con News:  At Comic-Con IDW Publishing announced three additional Artist’s Editions starting in November with the release of Gil Kane’s The Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition ($125), a 216-page hardcover that reproduces Kane’s artwork on The Amazing Spider-Man issues, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, and 120 printed at the same size as it was originally produced.  The Spider-Man stories from this era include the infamous "LSD" storyline that ran without the Comics Code, the introduction of Morbius the Vampire, and the classic "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" issue.
Next comes The Mad: Artist’s Edition ($125), which is due in December.  The 160-page hardcover will measure 15" x 22", and though the art work that is reproduced in the Artist’s Edition is the pencils, which are in black-and-white, they are shot in color so that the paste-overs, blue pencils, editorial notes, and corrections are all visible.  As with all the Artist’s Editions each page is printed the same size as drawn, and the paper selected is as close as possible to the original art board.  The Mad Artist’s Edition will include a dozen of the groundbreaking humor magazine’s covers, as well as a selection of some of the most popular stories including classics like "Batboy and Rubin" by Wally Wood, and "HowdyDooit" by Will Elder.
The final Artist’s Edition announced at Comic-Con will feature the artwork of Mark Schultz, a superior draftsman whose style reflects the influence of the great practitioners of the adventure comic strip like Alex Raymond, Al Williamson, Wally Wood, and Burne Hogarth.  Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Tales Artist’s Edition is slated for release in June of 2013.  It will include the last six issues of Xenozoic Tales reproduced in a generous 14" x 20" format.  The 144-pages hardcover will also include a special cover gallery.