An ICv2 Release.  ComiXology has signed on as Co-Sponsor of the ICv2 Conference on Comics and Digital II, ICv2 announced today.   The ICv2 Conference on Comics and Digital II will be held in association with New York Comic Con on Wednesday afternoon, October 10th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp praised the development. "It’s great that comiXology, which is playing such an important role in supporting the whole comics and graphic novel ecosystem, is also supporting this critical Conference on the future of the comics audience, art form, and business," he said.  "We’re very pleased to welcome comiXology as a new Co-Sponsor of the event."

The pace of change in the world of comics and graphic novels is accelerating, with digital, changes at retail, changes in the audience, and changes in the very nature of the medium all moving faster than ever before.   The ICv2 Conference will present both a snapshot of the medium as it exists today as well as a look ahead with the best minds in the business.  "The ICv2 Conferences have built a reputation as the place where cutting-edge discussions of the direction of the business and art form take place," said comiXology’s VP Marketing, PR & Business Development, Chip Mosher.  "We’re happy to be a Co-Sponsor of this event."

In a sign of the times, comiXology, the leading digital comics company, takes on the Co-Sponsor role for the Conference held in previous years by a printer.

For more information on the ICv2 Conference on Comics & Digital II, click here.

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