Wednesday, October 10th, will be "Arrow Day" in comic stores to tie into the debut of CW’s new Arrow TV series (see 'Green Arrow' on CW), DC announced.   In-store giveaways at participating retailers will include a free Arrow #1 Special Edition comic book, a companion piece for the show’s premiere that night; Arrow promotional bags; and posters.  Retailers will be receiving as many copies of the Special Edition as they ordered of Justice League #0. 
Written by the show’s executive producers, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, along with Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns, Arrow #1 Special Edition "offers a past and present glimpse of hotshot billionaire Oliver Queen."  Omar Francia provides the art. In addition, readers will get a six-page preview of Green Arrow #0, "highlighting the DC Comics character who inspired the new show."
October 10 will also mark the launch of the first chapter of the new Arrow digital-first comic book series written by Guggenheim and Kreisberg, with art by Mike Grell (The Longbow Hunters).  The digital series will be published online weekly and collected once a month in print form beginning November 28 (see "Monthly 'Arrow' Series").  Grell will provide the covers to the print editions while Grell, Sergio Sandoval, and Jorge Jimenez will alternate on interior art for each chapter.
A major convention appearance will also support the launch:  on October 14, the Arrow cast and crew will appear at the New York Comic Con, hosting a video presentation and Q&A in the IGN theater at 11am.