Rembert Parker of Reader Copies in Anderson, Indiana comments on the news of DC Comics providing free copies of Arrow #0 (see "October 10 Is 'Arrow Day'").
"Retailers will be receiving as many copies of the Special Edition as they ordered of Justice League #0."
What a great idea!  Oh, wait, there's a problem... virtually every customer who walks in the door watches television, but:
--  Not all my store's customers read comics.
--  Not all my customers read Justice League.
--  Not even all my DC customers read Justice League (their loss!).
Granted, Justice League is our best-selling title most months, but I would think that the CW and DC would really want to advertise the show and the future comics (Mike Grell!) to a lot more of our customers... and limiting the number of copies we have to give away potentially limits the exposure to the show, and will no doubt annoy customers who don't get a copy (and who will, no doubt, blame the store).
I can understand not wanting the expense of supplying "extra" copies of the Special Edition to each store, but how about at least giving us the option to order extras the same way Marvel gives us a chance to order extra copies of their promotional comics?

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