We wrap up our Friday photos with these from Friday afternoon and evening.

The Shiftylook booth, featuring retro arcade games, was busy all weekend.

Harley Quinn, preening, dropped her bag.

Gallery Art Whino not only brought a number of artists to New York Comic Con, they also brought a DJ to add some audio excitement to the booth.

I Heart Guts was offering a variety of merchandise, including large and small stuffed guts.

Artist Raymond Joseph Sumser III, pictured here, said he had been working on this image of "the entire cartoon universe," featuring over 3000 characters, since February and had just finished.

Consumer products company Kellogg’s was in the house promoting Krave.

The Scooby van was at the show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter and an admirer.

A Luka Megurine figure from the Good Smile Company booth.

Andrea Grant promotes her Minx property.

Mounted police kept order outside the Javits as the exhibit areas closed.

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