Seth Gabel, who played Lincoln Lee on Fringe and Jeremy Darling in Dirty Sexy Money, is joining the cast of the CW TV series Arrow, which is based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow.  Gabel will play a scary super-villain based on the DC Comics character Count Vertigo, and will join the cast of the highly-rated CW series in early 2013.
According to TV Line, Gabel’s character will not be a "Count," and he will "exude a darkly grounded, Christopher Nolanesque vibe," which means that he will likely resemble the more realistic side of comic book villains.  He also will not be known as "Vertigo."  In fact "Vertigo" will be the name given to a dangerous designer drug that plagues the streets of Starling City during the episode in which Gabel first appears.  Perhaps there will even be a chemical component to the new TV "Vertigo’s" ability to disorient and unbalance his victims.
Whatever his name on the TV series turns out to be, the character played by Gabel is unlikely to be the last denizen of the DC universe to appear on Arrow.  So far China White, Deathstroke, Firefly, the Huntress and the Royal Flush Gang (see "Royal Flush Gang in 'Arrow'") have all been ticketed for Season 1 appearances on Arrow.