Mark Dickson, a former comic book retailer, shares his memories of the 30th birthday party for Spider-Man held in conjunction with the Capital City Distribution Sales Conference (see "Twenty Years Ago--Spider-Man's 30th").

I was there. My shop opened in 1984. I became a business owner in 1989 and remember the 30th party very well.  There was so much cake left over after the event and some that had not even been touched.  An employee that attended with me decided that we should go around and find some that were untouched and still in boxes and take them back home so other people from the shop could enjoy some too.  I think we left with at least 3 full cakes.  Well it was just going to be thrown away... I have a wine glass on my desk right now from the event and still have a few other items from that evening at Capital and Marvel gave away.  My shop closed in 2003 after I had sold out to new business partners in 2001.

Thank you so much Milton and John for so many wonderful memories and many Retailer Conferences.  The stories, the knowledge, my picture in Internal Correspondence, John's Jazz Music, and so many other things.  I can't think of a better time to be a retailer then when Capital City Distribution was a part of my life and a part of my business.

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