A newly released promo for the midseason premiere of Arrow provides a first glimpse of the series’ version of the classic DC Comics villain Firefly.  The promo also indicates that Oliver Queen’s Arrow character has been out of circulation for six months, undoubtedly recovering from injuries incurred during his struggle with the Dark Archer in the show’s midseason finale.
In the midseason premiere, which is slated for Wednesday, January 16th at 8pm (ET, PT), which is entitled "Burned," Queen meets an embittered firefighter named Garfield (played by Stargate Universe’s Andrew Dunbar), who was badly burned in a fire where he felt he had been abandoned by the officer who was with him.  His bitterness caused him to lose his family and apparently to turn to a life of arson and crime.
The first incarnation of DC Comics’ Firefly, who was created by France Herron and Dick Sprang in 1952, is also named "Garfield," though in his case it’s a first name, and instead of a former firefighter, the original comics incarnation of the character was a down-and-out visual effects expert.
Firefly is just the latest in a growing list of DC Comics characters that are making appearances in the CW’s Arrow (see "'Spratacus' Actor to Play Deathstroke on 'Arrow'").