Dark Horse Comics has announced a partnership with game designer and creator American McGee to adapt Spicy Horse Studios' Akaneiro: Demon Hunters ARPG (action roleplaying videogame) into a three-issue comic mini-series beginning in May.
Authored by Justin Aclin (Wizard, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and drawn by Vasilis Lolos (Northlanders, The Pirates of Coney Island, Conan the Barbarian), Akaneiro blends Japanese mythology and the folklore of the Red Riding Hood fable in the central character of Kani.  With the added supernatural threat of the Yokai, Kani must negotiate her heritage and culture as she pursues a life within the Order of Akane.
Akaneiro is not the first comic adaptation of McGee's gaming universe. In 2009, IDW Publishing released a five-issue mini-series based on the game American McGee's Grimm (see "'American McGee's Grimm' Comes to Comics").  Additionally, McGee partnered with Dark Horse in 2011 for The Art of Alice: Madness Returns, a behind-the-scenes book about the blockbuster game. 
--Nathan Wilson