The publishers of digital games based on tabletop games are linking the digital versions to the tabletop versions for a variety of purposes.  The most recent announcement along this line was for the Kickstarter for Small World 2, a new version of the Small World iPad app (see "'Small World' for iPad").  The project is to fund the development of a rewrite of the app, but some of the key rewards, including a Complete Designer Edition of the Small World board game, are tied to the tabletop game.  As of this writing, a day or so into the Project, $45,505 of a $190,000 goal has been funded. 
Days of Wonder, the publisher of Small World, has said in the past that its apps drive sales of the tabletop games as well (see "15 Million Online 'TTR' Games").
The recently completed Pathfinder Online Kickstarter (raised $1,091,194 of its $1,000,000 goal, see "$1 Million for 'Pathfinder Online'") used Pathfinder Battles miniatures as rewards for contributors.
And in HeroClix Online this month, previews of figures from the HeroClix Amazing Spider-Man set coming out in February are being revealed on a one a week schedule:
January 10-16: Spider-Man
January 17-23: Zuvembie
January 24-30: Blade
January 31 - February 6: Lizard