Marvel Comics’ latest teaser for The Age of Ultron scraps the previous "Submit or Perish" motto for the more deadly sounding "Do or Die," and asks the ominous question "Who will emerge from The Age of Ultron?"  It would certainly appear that the Brian Michael Bendis-penned crossover event could involve the demise of a Marvel hero or two.
The teaser image from the Age of Ultron #7 certainly would appear to indicate that the crossover event might just be taking place in an alternate Marvel Comic universe since the normally recognizable Marvel characters and their costumes are mashed-up in a very strange ways.  How does one explain what looks like the Wasp wearing the new Captain Marvel costume—and what's with Cycops looking more like Cable—and why is Wolvie back in his popular brown on tan costume—and Star-Lord looks be be wearing a costume more like his original one?  Do these changes reflect some sort of alternate or future Marvel Universe, or are these changes the result of what happens in the first six issues of  the Age of Ultron?

Marvel has been foreshadowing major events in this series since before it launched
(see “Does Hawkeye ‘Submit’ in the ‘Age of Ultron?’”).