Toy Fair News: McFarlane Toys showed off prototypes of its The Walking Dead Series 4 Action Figures at Toy Fair.  The fourth series of TWD figures is due out in October and includes figures of Carl, Andrea, and The Governor as well as a Riot Gear Zombie and a Riot Gear Gas Mask Zombie.  The figures on display in New York reflect McFarlane Toys’ obsession with details like Carl’s boots and duffel bag.  While the toy company’s attention to detail appeals to collectors, when coupled with the mature subject matter of The Walking Dead it can be too much for faint-hearted critics (see "'TWD' Figures Make Ten Worst Toys List").
Another item that was getting a lot of interest at the McFarlane booth was a prototype for the Blu-ray package for Season 3 of The Walking Dead which basically includes what appears to be severed zombie heads suspended in liquid (like someone left the Futurama head rotting in the sun for a month or two).
The Walking Dead was clearly one of the most popular licenses at this year’s Toy Fair with new games from Cryptozoic (see "Cryptozoic Readies New 'Walking Dead Board Game' for September"), while Diamond and Alliance showed off Walking Dead-themed versions of Risk and Monopoly (see "Diamond & Alliance Have 'Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition' Exclusive").