Upper Deck will release Dark City, its first expansion for Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, on June 25th.  Dark City will include 350 new cards for $39.99. Devin Low returns as the designer for this darker-toned play experience. 
New characters will include 17 new heroes (including X-Force and Marvel Knights), six new villain groups, two new henchmen groups, five new masterminds (including Apocalypse and Kingpin) and new Schemes. 
Dark City
Including the core set and Dark City, the 850 cards available will now include four unique pieces of art for each hero, as opposed to just one from the core set. 
Upper Deck had previously announced its expansion schedule (see "Marvel Deck Building Expansions"); Dark City will be one of its “big box” expansion sets.
The core game launched in November (see "'Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game'").