Norwegian actor Aksel Hennie, who starred in the movie adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s Scandinavian noir Headhunters, will play a key supporting role in Brett Ratner’s adaptation of the Radical Comics’ Hercules comic book series based on the ancient legendary strongman.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is starring in the new Hercules film, which currently has a release date of August 8th, 2014 (see "'Hercules Gets a Release Date").
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ratner’s film grounds the legend of Hercules in the real world "“and ditches the supernatural, making Hercules not the son of Zeus, but rather a mortal with a fearsome reputation. He leads a team of mercenaries on a job where all ominously is not what it appears."
Hennie will play one of Hercules’ loyal followers, Tydeus, a berserker-type warrior who wields twin axes and is so wound-up that he has to be chained up at night.