Dark Horse is planning to release Osamu Tezuka's Lost World and Future World manga volumes this year, in trade paperback editions.  Tezuka, the 'Father of Manga' created Metropolis, Lost World, and Future World as a series in the late 40s and early 50s.  After the release of Metropolis this month (see 'Dark Horse Announces Metropolis TPB'), Lost World will be released in July at $17.95, Future World Volume 1 will be released in September at $13.95, and Future World Volume 2 will be released in October, also at $13.95. 


Lost World tells the story of team of scientists voyaging to visit a rogue planet approaching earth.  The planet is inhabited by dinosaurs, and the scientists end up battling both the dinosaurs and a group of crooks that have stowed away aboard their spacecraft. 


In Future World Volume 1, nuclear testing has created mutated animals with amazing supernatural abilities, and the world's great superpowers are drawn into political conflict in this satire of the Cold War.  


Future World Volume 2 tells the story of a creature with supernatural powers who discovers that a gas cloud that can disintegrate the planet is approaching Earth, and tries to rescue all Earth's creatures by transporting them in a flying saucer to a new home. 


Because of their important position in the history of manga and in Tezuka's career, these volumes will probably be evergreen items worth stocking in most pop culture store manga inventories.