Villains & Vigilantes creators Jeff Dee and Jack Herman have regained the rights to Villains & Vigilantes, the superhero role-playing game they created in the 1970s, which was published by Scott Bizar’s Fantasy Games Unlimited.  After a 20-month legal struggle, Judge Mark E. Aspey ruled in favor of the game’s original creators and against Bizar, who has been selling V&V products and PDFs in recent years.
In 2010 Dee and Herman founded Monkey House Games and began to revive Villains & Vigilantes (see "'Villains & Vigilantes 3.0' in Development" and "'Living Legends Superhero RPG'") only to run into a conflict with Bizar, who had dissolved Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1991 and did not sell any V&V games from 1990-1994 and again from 1999-2004.  According to an article by Rogers Cadenhead on the Workbench site, the Judge’s ruling in favor of the game’s creator was based on these periods of sales inactivity.