A spokesperson for Diamond Comic Distributors has confirmed that sales of comics and graphic novels were up dramatically in Q1 vs. the previous year.  Comics were up 21.38%; graphic novels were up 16.22%; and comics and graphic novel sales were up 19.78% over-all in Q1 vs. Q1 2012. 

These numbers are as previously announced with the March numbers (see "Comic Market Up 22+% in March"); the numbers announced at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Chicago last week (which were somewhat higher) were an error by Diamond, according to the spokesperson. 

Regardless, a nearly 20% growth rate is spectacular, especially on top of the growth rate in Q1 2012:  comics up 15.85%, graphic novels up 8.39%, and combined comics and graphic novel sales up 13.42% for the quarter (see "Streak Stopped at Seven--Comics Slip in March").  That’s over a 35% two-year growth rate, an enviable number in a still-weak economy.