As part of a special GenCon promotion WizKids has announced a limited edition promotional "Captain Card" for Khan Singh for use in its Star Trek: Attack Wing game, which will be released at the show (see "'Star Trek: Attack Wing'").  The card and its corresponding game tokens will be given away to attendees who purchase of Star Trek: Attack Wing games at the show and the card will also be available as part of prize packages for players who participate in Star Trek: Attack Wing mini-tournaments that will be run during the convention. 
The card will allow players who possess it to assign Khan Singh as the captain of one of their Star Trek: Attack Wing ships.  The Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set will debut at GenCon along the first 8 single-ship expansion packs for the game (see "WizKids Announces Expansion Packs for 'Star Trek: Attack Wing'").  
WizKids is also planning an organized play program for Star Trek: Attack Wing that will begin in September (see "WizKids Announces 'Star Trek: Attack Wing' OP").