Drawn & Quarterly plans releases by a number of major creators in its Fall season, including three titles that will premiere in September, a November release, and one a little further out in January.  Perhaps most significant is Co-Mix, by Art Spiegelman (see "D&Q Gets Spiegelman's 'Co-Mix'"), which will debut at the Brooklyn Book Festival with an appearance by the artist.  The book is tied to a museum retrospective of Spiegelman’s career; the show was at the Vancouver Art Gallery until early June, and will be opening at the Jewish Museum of New York in November.  The works span Speigelman’s full career, from Topps and Raw to a recent mural he did for the High School of Art and Design in New York.  
Rage of Poseidon, by Anders Nilsen, will be an accordion hardcover with "a collection of Greek myths and Christian parables, sort of reworked in a very modern style using silhouettes," D&Q Editorial and Marketing Manager Julia Pohl-Miranda told ICv2.
It’s also due in mid-September, and will premiere at SPX and Brooklyn Book Festival. 
Palookaville #21, by Seth, will also debut at SPX and is composed of three parts.  "The first part is a continuation of Part 4 of Clyde Fans, where you see the two brothers sit down for the first time and talk," Pohl-Miranda said.  "The second part is a collection of strips from his rubber stamp diaries. He had a bunch of rubber stamps made of his own drawings and then he uses that as a base for drawing little pieces about his life.  And it’s not like a daily diary, it’s just something that he does when he has something in his mind at the end of the day and it’s a really interesting perspective on his work.  Then the third piece is the beginning of an autobiographical piece about Seth’s childhood, which is done in the style of Wimbledon Green and GNBCC - The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists."
Showa 1926 – 1939: A History of Japan by Shigeru Mizuki is due in November.  "It mingles cultural history, personal autobiography and historical content for a really interesting, broad-spanning perspective on Japanese history in the Pre-WWII period as growing militarization was going on in the country," Pohl-Miranda said.
Ant Colony, by Michael DeForge, was serialized online as Ant Comic and will be released in book form in January.  "It is our first book with Michael DeForge, we’re thrilled to be publishing him," Pohl-Miranda said.  "He’s a young cartoonist who really emerged with a fully developed style of his own, and we’re so happy to be working with him on this book."