Target is offering an exclusive promotion for the Blu-ray of 2 Guns:, a special graphic novel sample of the Steven Grant comic from BOOM! Studios.  The first two issues of the comic are offered in a 48-page book free with purchases of the 2 Guns Blu-ray.  The beginning of the story, it’s hoped, will lead purchasers of the Blu-ray to seek out the full length graphic novel. 

The Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg film won the box office the week it premiered (see "'2 Guns' Wins Box Office Shootout"), and ended up with a respectable $130 million worldwide box office gross. 

The DVD/Blu-ray was released this week (see "DVD Round-Up: '2 Guns,' 'The World's End,' & A Drew Struzan Movie").
And 3 Guns, the sequel comic series by Steven Grant, is already out (see "'2 Guns' Sequel is Already on the Shelves").