The Man without Fear will be getting an All-New Marvel NOW! relaunch with a new series by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee premiering in March, Marvel announced.  The current Eisner-winning run of Daredevil by Waid and Samnee will end with issue #36 in February, artist Samnee revealed last month on Twitter. 
Daredevil #1 will see Matt Murdock relocating to San Francisco, a location that will continue the setting shift introduced in the Infinite Comics digital series Daredevil: Road Warrior, also written by Waid. 
Daredevil was one of only a few popular titles that has yet to receive a Marvel NOW! relaunch.  It has had solid if unspectacular sales in its current incarnation; #32 landed at #73 in the October Top 300 Comics Charts (see "Top 300 Comics Actual--October 2013").