ICv2 has learned that there has been no further progress on Xerxes, Frank Miller’s sequel to 300, since Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson told us in early 2011 that there were two issues done (see "Mike Richardson: The ICv2 Interview, Part 2").  That means the sequel comics (or graphic novel) will not be done in time for the premiere of 300:  Rise of an Empire, the movie sequel due out in March (see "New Trailer for '300: Rise of an Empire'").

Miller has been occupied with Hollywood concerns in the intervening years, including as co-director for Sin City 2 (see "Stacy Keach in 'Sin City 2'), which has been pushed back to an August 22, 2014 release date (see "'Sin City' Pushed Back").

Miller has every intention of returning to the remaining Xerxes issues when his Hollywood commitments are complete.

The good news?  The pages that are in house at Dark Horse, two issues of a planned (now) five issue series, are "outstandingly beautiful," according to a Dark Horse insider that has seen the work.  Sounds like the full book will be worth the wait.