Oni Press is preparing a new Blue Monday trade paperback from series creator Chynna Clugston-Major.  Blue Monday: Inbetween Days collects three holiday-themed one-shots and several related short stories in a 112-page volume that will be on sale in September.  The compact, black-and-white (with color cover) comic has a cover price of $9.95.  The volume also includes the crossover between Blue Monday and Paul Dini's Jingle Belle (see 'Revolution Options Paul Dini's Jingle Belle').


Blue Monday is one of the very few American comics written for a sophisticated teenage female audience.  The characters in Blue Monday deal with all the problems of real teenagers and display an awareness of pop music and culture that sets them apart from most contemporary comic book characters.  Blue Monday is not a comic series about teenage girls for pre-teens, it's a heartfelt graphic novel series that is targeted at the very audience it depicts -- and while there are lots of manga titles aimed at a similar demographic in Japan, Blue Monday has few if any American competitors.