Image Comics had the bestselling comic and graphic novel in comic stores in 2013, according to charts released today by Diamond Comic Distributors.  The Walking Dead #115 (of which Image shipped 352,000 copies to all markets, see "'The Walking Dead' #115 Shipped 352,000 Copies") was the top comic of 2013, and Saga Vol. 1 was the top graphic novel. 

Image’s domination of the top graphic novel slots in comic stores was profound, with the top six volumes and seven of the top 10 volumes for 2013.  The best news on the graphic novel charts was that both of the top two books from Image (Saga Vol. 1 and The Walking Dead Vol. 1) were the first volumes of their series, indicating that new consumers are finding these series and have the potential to buy the rest of the volumes in the coming months and years. 

Image has also been rocking the bookstore charts; its titles took the top four and nine of the top 20 slots in the December BookScan graphic novel charts (see "December BookScan--Top 20 Graphic Novels").

Here are the charts of the bestselling comics and graphic novels in comic stores in 2013.

Top 10 Comics:
 1.  The Walking Dead #115 (Image)
 2.  Justice League of America #1 (DC)
 3.  Sueprman Unchained #1 (DC)
 4.  Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (Marvel)
 5.  Superior Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
 6.  Infinity #1 (Marvel)
 7.  X-Men #1 (Marvel)
 8.  Age of Ultron #1 (Marvel)
 9.  Uncanny X-Men #1 (Marvel)
10.  Superman Unchained #2 (DC)
Top 10 Graphic Novels:
 1.  Saga Vol. 1 (Image)
 2.  The Walking Dead Vol. 1 (Image)
 3.  Saga Vol. 2 (Image)
 4.  The Walking Dead Vol. 18 (Image)
 5.  The Walking Dead Vol. 2 (Image)
 6.  The Walking Dead Vol. 19 (Image)
 7.  Hawkeye Vol. 1 (Marvel)
 8.  Batman Vol. 1:  Court of Owls (DC)
 9.  Batman: The Killing Joke Sp. Ed. HC (DC)
10.  The Walking Dead Vol. 3 Image)