At the Gama Trade Show, Konami was showing off more 2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! releases, and Konami Vice President Card Business Yumi Hoashi shared details about some of the upcoming products.


The Primal Origin booster pack will release in May, and the Primal Origin: Deluxe Edition box will follow on June 13th.  The set will include nine Primal Origin boosters, plus two foil versions of common and/or rare cards, plus a pack of sleeves, a Beginner’s Guide and one of two foil versions of preview cards from the upcoming August booster set.  The two storage boxes were on display at the show.  "One will feature the Bujin deck, which is currently a very popular deck in the tournament scene.  The other one is the Gladiator Beasts, which has been a staple since the GX era," said Hoashi. MSRP is $29.99.

Also on display was the new Realm of Light Structure Deck.  "It is based on the 'Lightsworn' theme.  'Lightsworns' were first introduced in the GX era, and 'Lightsworns' have always been fan favorites as tournament decks.  Because it was released in the GX era, 'Lightsworns' have never had a Synchro monster, but there is a new Synchro monster, plus the two new Tuner monsters you need to summon it, in this deck," Hoashi shared.  The deck will have 41 cards, and will release June 27.  MSRP is $9.99.

A new Starter Deck will release on July 11, which will introduce the Pendulum Monsters and Pendulum Summons. The new gameplay mechanic will add two new zones to the game field.  Deck title and other information are not yet availible.

July 25 will bring the new Battle Pack 3. The release is designed specifically for booster draft play, so duelists can build new decks directly from the packs.  Details on how it differs from previous Battle Pack releases have yet to be revealed.  MSRP is $1.99 per pack. 

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