The collection of John Wise, sold by ComicConnect this week, sold for just over $1.5 million, reflecting the key Golden Age books in high condition, according to ScoopFlash Comics #1 CGC 9.2 was the top book in the auction, selling for $182,000.  Here’s a list of the big books in the auction:
  • $182,000  Flash #1 CGC 9.2
  • $137,000  Detective #27 CGC 8.0
  •   $95,000  Marvel Comics #1 CGC 9.4
  •   $86,000  Whiz Comics #2 (#1) CGC 6.5
  •   $58,006  Superman #1 CGC 1.5
Wise started buying comics as a young Rockford, Illinois resident, and dealt with mail order pioneers Howard Rogofsky, Dale Manesis, Jerry Bails, and Phil Seuling; then picked up the hobby again in the early 80s and continued acquiring books, according to ComicConnect.

"This was stressful but it was ultimately an extremely rewarding experience selling my treasures," Wise said of the sale.  "I need a few days to let this sink in then I’ll setu p a trust for my grandkids education and then I think it’s time to house hunt."