David Craig of My Underground Lair sent us this general comment on Talk Back comments he's seen:


I am the owner of My Underground Lair and I come here to ICv2.com quite often.  I mainly like to read the Talk Back section and I always get irritated.  Why is it that they expect Marvel Comics to take back all the product that they (retailers) can't sell?  Is it not our job to sell the product to our customers?  No?  We should be able to just sit in our stores and reread back issues from the 60's and 70's and nod at people we don't know that venture into our stores and have lengthy nerd talk to our 'loyal' customers!  Come on get real, sell your product.  While Previews is aimed at both customers as well as retailers it is really a retailer book; my customers are not clamoring at the door for that next hot issue of Previews!  Diamond's book has a job -- sell these comics and other products to retailers.  That is why a customer cannot order directly from Previews.   


Also why is that most retailers here pick out Marvel?  Why don't you ask DC if you can return all those Superman back issues (I mean SUPERMAN, shouldn't we be able to sell Superman!), or pick out Image (all Image except maybe G.I. Joe or Rising Stars which hardly comes out)!  


One more thing--all the retailers want more than just superhero comics from Marvel and when Trouble was offered with an outstanding team you did not order it!?!?  Why?  Because you didn't know anything about it?  Let me ask did you go see any movies in the last five years without knowing anything... and I bet my store you told someone to see X2 before you ever saw it yourself!  That is selling.