Marvel has announced plans to replace Captain America in issue #25 this October.
The current story arc has Steve Rogers drained of the super soldier serum that made him Captain America by the Iron Nail, so the Sentinel of Liberty must choose a successor.  The short list of candidates will appear in issue #23.  The storyline will intersect with Marvel’s major AXIS crossover event this fall (see "First Details of 'Avengers & X-Men: Axis'")
The oversized issue #25 will feature a cover by Stuart Immonen, with variants by Steve McNiven and Adam Hughes.  
Cap writer Rick Remender was recently raked over the coals when angry fans misinterpreted a sex scene between The Falcon and Jet Zola in Captain America #22 to be statutory rape (Jet is at least 23 years old).  Despite ample evidence to the contrary, the hashtag #FireRickRemender surfaced on Twitter and an internet kerfuffle ensued, which mostly seems to have subsided after numerous web posts documenting the character’s age at the time of the scene.