Animation HQ is reporting that TNN has cancelled Stan Lee's Stripperella cartoon series.  It was to feature the voice of Pamela Anderson playing the title character--a 'stripper by night and superhero by later night.'  The network, which has become embroiled in a legal dispute with filmmaker Spike Lee over its attempt to rename itself 'SPIKE TV' (see 'Spike Spikes SPIKE TV') has developed an adult cartoon block it named 'The Strip' (see 'Spike TV Adds Adult Animation Block').   Along with a revived Ren & Stimpy and Gary the Rat, a series about a loathsome lawyer voiced by Kelsey Grammar, Stripperella was the centerpiece of The Strip.  Animation HQ based its report on 'inside sources' and says that the cancellation was based on that old bugaboo, 'creative differences.'


A spokesman for Humanoids confirmed to ICv2 that the comic book one-shot of Stripperella that was to be published by Humanoids (see 'Humanoids To Publish Stipperella One-Shot') has been cancelled, but also said that Humanoids had not been informed that the series itself was being axed.  As late as yesterday, ads for Stripperella were running on TNN.  With the originally scheduled debut of the cartoon series just ten days away, this cancellation makes little sense (unless the show was just plain awful).  Stay tuned as we try to sort this out.