San Diego Comic-Con News:  At the Marvel Animation panel, Marvel TV Chief Jeph Loeb introduced a one-minute clip from a new Guardians of the Galaxy animated series that will air on the Disney XD cable channel.  Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord appeared in the clip, and it appears that the series cast will closely mirror that of the GotG movie.  Loeb indicated that the series will air on Disney XD, though there was no mention of when the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series would debut.
Of Course the Guardians of the Galaxy live-action movie, which currently has a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes (based on 25 reviews), opens next weekend, but even before the movie debuts, The Wrap reports that Marvel has tapped Gunn to write and direct the sequel.  No firm date has been set for the sequel, though Marvel has recently staked a claim to number of prime release dates (see "Marvel Grabs Five More Movie Dates"), and Guardians 2 appears to be a shoe-in to get one of them.