Here’s the story of San Diego Comic-Con International in pictures, this group on Friday.  To go back to the beginning of our series, see Part 1.

[NOTE: Any image can be clicked for a larger view.]

Thor, Black Widow, and Loki look befuddled, friendly (despite the firearm), and menacing, respectively.

Jessica Rabbit as forest ranger (from a 1990 Roger Rabbit short, Trail Mix-Up).

Psylocke was guarding the entrance.

Marcy from the Katamari Damacy video game series.

Indiana Jones and Willie Scott, from The Temple of Doom.

Posing, appropriately, at the booth of artist Franchesco.

Giant Batman at the Toy Tokyo booth.

Ozzie from the So So Happy booth.

We're glad there's a market for "geek lifestyle furniture," here from Geek Chic.

We're sorry.  Once seen, this figure display from the Hobbylink Japan booth can't be unseen.

Elisa Teague from Cupcake Quarterly, co-creator of Playroom Entertainment's Geek Out and Geek Out Pop Culture Party (see "'Geek Out' Set for SDCC Debut" and "Playroom's 2014 Releases"). Here she's cosplaying the Martian girl from Mars Attacks!

A giant Rocket Raccoon at the Bait booth.

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