Here’s the story of San Diego Comic-Con International in pictures, this group on Friday.  To see our Friday photos from the beginning, go back to Part 3.  To go back to the beginning of our series, see Part 1.

[NOTE: Any image can be clicked for a larger view.]

Zombie Teletubbies--they were creepy before, but now!


Two villains posing: Madam Masque and Viper.

Anubis (Egyptian God of the Dead), fitting in.

Tabletop gaming was in the adjacent Marriott hotel.

We liked artist Michael Aushenker’s (El Gato) meta take on con culture, so we got a picture.

A life size Max Steel display at the Hasbro booth.

Large Rocket Raccoons were thick in this area of the floor.  We think this one was at Hasbro.

This one was life size (at NECA).

The Walking Dead was also across the street from the Convention Center in this installation.

Retired Superman slurred, "I’m retired.  I’ve saved the world too many times."

The Disney Infinity installation in the Gaslamp, where the new Marvel figures (see "'Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes' Release Date") were on display.