For the last several years, we've offered a coda for our Comic-Con photo coverage with roll of cosplay photos by Jen Bond.  Of course, our regular photo coverage includes cosplay as well.  To see the beginning of the Cosplay Roll, see Part 11.  To see our 2014 photo coverage of Comic-Con from the beginning, see Part 1.  For Friday, see Part 3.  For Saturday, Part 7, and for Sunday, Part 10.
We endeavor to identify all the characters in our cosplay photos, but sometimes we miss a few.  If you know any, give us a tip at
[NOTE: Any image can be clicked for a larger view.]

Armed, and we found Waldo!  (Know who this is?  Let us know at

Jack Skellington is photobombing a female Edward Scissorhands and Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice. 

And in an apropos mash-up, the Oogie Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Xmas joins Beetlejuice.

She’s very tall, and slipping through the crowd.  (Know who this is?  Let us know at

Death Prophet from DOTA 2, identified thanks to a tipster.

Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.
Jules: "Vincent!  We happy?"
Vincent: "Yeah, we happy."

A charming Zatanna.

Out for a steampunk stroll.

Smiling distaff She-Hulk and a USO Dancing Girl.

Poison Ivy has been to the Little Shop of Horrors.

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