Gen Con News:  A tweet from the Upper Deck Company showing what looks like a photo of a banner from the company’s Gen Con display announces the "VS System is back."  Look for full details in the near future about the focus and extent of the revival, but the poster sports the logo plus the words "Living Card Game," an indication that the new VS games will not involve "blind buy purchases," but would rather consist of core sets and expansion packs.
Upper Deck introduced its Vs. (or VS) system in 2004.  The Vs. system was used for superhero card combats.  The sets issued under the Vs. banner included Marvel and DC heroes (as well as a Hellboy Essential Collection).  Upper Deck terminated its Vs. program in 2009 as part of major wave of cutbacks in the company’s production of non-sports cards (see "Upper Deck Ends Its 'Vs. System'").